October 2018

Challenges, Change and Opportunity Headline ICBA 2018 Conference Agenda

The Intercontinental Hotel, Warsaw was the venue for the ICBA (International Credit Brokers Alliance) Conference, October 2018. 55 ICBA Members from 27 countries as far afield as Russia, Japan, Korea, South Africa, India, Canada and Australia attended for two days of networking, keynote speeches and intense learning. 


The theme was ‘Success, Change and Challenge in a Turbulent Global Economy’. Members shared the best practice deployed in their country with success stories and challenges discussed in open forums. Markus Moritz, ICBA Germany presented on ‘Why are we winning business?’ There was a keynote presentation on GDPR and specialist export credit insurance company Coface was the guest speaker. 

Commenting on the conference, Andy Moylan ICBA UK said, “I think I speak for all Members in saying it was an incredible opportunity to come together as a group of like-minded independent brokers to discuss the future of Trade Credit Insurance. We were frank in discussing the challenges given the unsettled global outlook and, as specialist brokers we discussed how we can continue to grow and add value for our clients; those organisation’s with an appetite for growth in their own country and for trading overseas, in existing and emerging markets. A number of underwriters have reduced and pulled cover in the last 10 months. 

Having a local broker support has never been more important for an organisation embarking on overseas growth given the relationships local brokers cultivate with the underwriters in their country.” 

Emmanuel Portier, ICBA founder said “We’re not advising organizations to avoid trading in countries where the current economic outlook is unstable. We’re highlighting the importance of working with the ICBA members in these countries so that an understanding of how to trade effectively can be readily grasped.” 

This is our 18th conference in so many years. As usual it was animated, positive and clearly demonstrated why I founded the ICBA. The ICBA Broker Partner in their country speaks the language and understands the economy. They are best placed to provide accurate and up to date intelligence for clients. On the strength of this, a client can make an informed decision. We’re a unique, experienced, innovative and agile team dedicated to servicing our clients through creative collaboration.

Press release and photos: ICBA