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Trade reports will help you verify financial condition of your buyers – both domestic and international. Information on; payment behavior, financial data, scoring indicators or information about the debt collection matters can be crucial to make the right decision. Important matter is also the access to current and frequently updated financial data and all available information, so that a given company is presented in light of latest information and current events.

RiskMan will help you to choose from a bundle of trade reports suited to your expectations. Searching for new trade partners or constant verification of current portfolio can be quick and easy.

Debt collection performer by specialists in debt collection gives big chance od success. The faster the action is taken and before the debtor’s company goes bankrupt, the greater the chance.

You’ve been working with your buyers for years, and you can forgive them a lot as long as the sales grow. You lose vigilance and the delay in payment is getting longer and longer. It is hard to collect overdue receivables from business partners whom you have been working with for years. If you have not taken out factoring or trade credit insurance, which would provide you with assistance in debt collection, engage a debt collection company for this.

RiskMan will analyze the situation and documentation of the transaction. Taking into account the country and industry of the debtor, his financial situation, the security of the transaction owned by You, and of course the value and statute of limitations of the unpaid claim, we recommend and assist you in selecting a suitable debt collection company. This can save your company’s finances.

Constant cooperation with debt collection company makes it easier for you to monitor and recover the receivables even in the phase of amicable collection. If it is necessary to initiate legal proceedings. Due to its extensive business relationships and collaboration with numerous debt collection companies, RiskMan finds the ideal debt collection partner for your business.

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