Factoring will improve Your company’s liquidity by ensuring financing of invoices as soon as they are issued.

You offer Your clients favorable terms of payment, grant trade credit, and wait for payment even for several months and as a result you have important amount of money frozen in your invoices? RiskMan analyzes your company’s business processes and client’s portfolio and selects for your company the best factoring offer from dozens of products offered by banks and factoring companies. In the thicket of different solutions, fees, and possible options we will find such proposition that fulfils Your expectations and provides suitable service to Your area of operation (business activity).

Depending on the type of factoring you choose: non-recourse, recourse or reverse– factor provides you with the assessment of the buyer’s risk, financing of invoices, monitoring and collection of receivables. Using Factoring you may finance both, your receivables, and liabilities. Factoring will help you to manage your growing portfolio of receivables.

Benefit from our market expertise and suitable factoring solutions we offer. We will help you improve the liquidity of Your company.

Remember that

Full factoring without recourse– it allows supplier to provide financing of receivables while transferring risk of non-payment to financial institution – Factor. Within full factoring, the factor has no right of recourse against the supplier if payment is not made by the debtor and will demand payment directly from the buyer.

Recourse factoring – is a transaction in which factor, without assuming liability for the debtor’s non-payment, provides a payment financing service to the provider. The factor is thus entitled to the contractually reserved recourse to the supplier, which means that he is obliged to repay to the factor the advance payment paid at the same time of the financing of the receivable. The supplier and its clients involved in the recourse factoring shall be granted and additional period during which the bank shall seek to recover the outstanding payment from the client.

Reverse factoring– a transaction based on the general principles of factoring, but with the difference that the contract is not concluded with the supplier but with the buyer (debtor). The factor assumes that customer’s default risk and finances its suppliers. This service allows the recipient to extend payment periods by indicating the source of funding. Faktor przejmuje ryzyko braku spłaty zobowiązania przez klienta a także finansuje jego dostawców. Usługa ta pozwala uzyskać odbiorcy dłuższe terminy płatności dzięki wskazaniu źródła finansowania.

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