Receivables management and consulting

Receivables management

You sell more and more, issue many invoices, work with more and more business partners. You are starting to have difficulties controlling your receivables, the payment terms and the valuations of your client’s financial reliability. This puts your company’s liquidity at risk.

RiskMan reviews existing solutions for trade credit, payment behavior of your clients and measures taken when your client delays payment. We will advise you on how to set up and develop your internal risk management system support for strategic decisions related to securing payments and the ongoing transactions. We will help to develop methods to adapt the terms of sale to the customer’s payment habits and methods. We will facilitate the establishment of rules for monitoring payments and the rapid response to late payments.

Receivables management helps you reduce overdue payments, effectively enforce payments, and increase the financial security of your business. It is also an effective use of tools such as credit insurance, factoring or debt collection.

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Consulting financial institutions

  • We advise factoring companies on the development and sale of financial products.
  • We conduct consultation on the transfer of risk associated with the purchase and financing of receivables.
  • We help to set up and develop a support system for direct sales channels.
  • We conduct workshops and trainings for trade departments with advanced sales techniques and trade negotiations.

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