RiskMan Services – outsourcing of financial services

RiskMan Services - outsourcing of financial services

We are a company specializing in supporting entrepreneurs in the area of receivables management, exactly where the priority is to reduce the risk of delays in payments.
In the B2B service outsourcing model through a delegated specialist, we provide our clients with comprehensive services:

  • receivables management process,

  • credit limits taking into account the internal sales policy, and

  • trade credit insurance policy

The offered cooperation model assumes the service is provided both temporarily and indefinitely, all according to the expectations and needs of the client.
We operate among companies in the RiskMan brokerage group, which provides effective and professional service on a daily basis, allowing clients to focus on key aspects of their business.

The reasons for lack of timely payments, increase in debt, mismatched credit policy or dysfunctional insurance policy may be:

  • insufficient competences in the team, lack of skills in a given area,

  • staff shortages for ongoing receivables management,

  • longer employee absences, frequent employee rotation or blocked employment,

  • lack of secure sales and receivables management processes,

  • credit policy not adapted to the changing market,

  • lack of time for systematic and methodical action.

Advantages of cooperation with RiskMan Services collected in the Q&A form.

1. What will I gain from cooperation with you?

We are the only company on the market that provides B2B services of receivables and credit risk management in the outsourcing model. Thanks to many years of experience and specialized staff, we can combine comprehensive customer service with brokerage activities conducted by brokers from the RiskMan Group companies. By working with us, you gain not only a specialist to handle your processes in the area of credit risk management, but also know-how, extensive access to knowledge, contacts and institutions with which we come into contact on a daily basis while performing our duties.

2. Will this increase efficiency?

You can be sure that your business are in good hands and our team takes effective actions to minimize risk and maximize the effectiveness of receivables management. We reduce overdues through concentrated and organic action on the contractor’s balance, avoiding a thoughtless approach to system tasks. We improve effectiveness through systematic and consistent contact with contractors, which allows us to quickly respond to changing market conditions.

3. Will this Outsourcing also help me save some time?

By choosing our services, you gain a significant reduction in time and costs related to receivables management and administrative processes. Duties are performed from our office, eliminating the need to maintain a position in the client’s office. Thanks to this, you save on costs related to office rental and office infrastructure. Additionally, you do not have to invest in work tools or conduct long-term recruitment processes, often burdened with the so-called “recruitment error”. Parallel transfer of administration, training and employee onboarding processes to us will also allow you to focus on the strategic aspects of your company.

4. Can I use your services in case of emergency?

Thanks to us, you will maintain the continuity of the process in your company. In the event of sudden accidental events, reduction of professional staff, or when a full-time position is blocked, we will delegate a specialist to handle your processes, ensuring their continuation and minimizing the risk of disruptions.

5. What about the relationships with my contractors that we have built over the years?

Before starting cooperation with a client, we will always make sure to thoroughly identify the values that guide the client in business. This will help us maintain consistency in communication with our partners in the area of receivables, credit limits and the handling of the credit insurance policy, but will also facilitate communication using the relationships we have built over the years.

6. How do you settle for the service provided?

Cooperation with us can be either temporary – where we will provide you with a replacement during your employee’s absence or the performance of a defined scope of duties, or indefinitely – where we will permanently take over a specific schedule of tasks. Each time, we will adjust a convenient settlement model (based on an hourly rate or a lump sum) depending on how much we are involved. At any time, you have the opportunity to expand the scope of responsibilities transferred to us, if you want to develop your company and in line with market expectations.

7. I’m afraid how the market will react to the fact that I cooperate with you?

Don’t worry, thanks to our activity and comprehensive operation, you send a clear signal to the market that your company consciously manages receivables. At the same time, it uses tools that strengthen your financial condition and maintains process efficiency at a high level, which is crucial in business relations with your partners and financial institutions.

8. What will be a visible benefit for my company and for me?

An important benefit of our work is that it will relieve your sales team of debt collection tasks and direct them to work with customers in the field – where they belong, which will contribute to an increase in the number of new customers. At the same time, you, seeing that everything is working properly and bringing the expected results, gain valuable time and resources for improving the quality of your company’s services, planning new initiatives and building a further business strategy.

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