About Us

Riskman is a licensed brokerage and consulting firm that has been active on the market since 2012 and specializes in credit risk management, including debtors insurance, insurance guarantees and factoring.

Being close to our clients, supporting them in daily struggles, is a great satisfaction, but it also allows to discover new areas where the role of the broker and advisor for the client can be the expected support. Based on the specialized knowledge of the team members, RiskMan always offers its customers suitable services.


is also a member of the international brokerage group ICBA – international Credit Brokers Alliance (www.icba.com).  ICBA employs 570 brokers in 70 broker companies in 40 countries worldwide, serving more than 10.000 clients.

The aim of ICBA is to offer to specialists a Trade Credit Insurance solutions that have been developed on the basis of the best practices and international experience, while at the same time being adapted to the conditions and requirements of customers in respective countries. The ICBA helps to create consistent and favorable protection conditions for companies operating in multiple markets.

RiskMan is ICBA exclusive partner in Poland.