Claiming indemnifications

Trade credit insurance lawyers know how to talk to insurer and how to collect your compensation effectively. The insurance contract contains a number of conditions which must be met in order for the insurer to regard the claim as protected. These are the terms that relate to the handling of the policy (premium payment, revenue reporting, or notification of non-payment), as well as the terms that relate to the purchase-sell transaction between your company and the business partner and how it is documented.

Does the insurer have the right to refuse to pay compensation in the event of non-compliance with one of these obligations? How can you recover the benefit you are entitled to from your insurance company?

The legal advisor working with RiskMan analyses the transaction documentation and insurance contract terms. He will prepare and direct the proceedings against the insurer. Thanks to his knowledge of the details and legal nuances of the insurance contracts, he will enforce the compensation owed, whether by amicable or judicial means.

Use the knowledge and experience of a lawyer to get your compensation back.

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